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    I am driving to Minneapolis, MN. I have a small detour to Needles, CA to pick up my daughter before I can truly hit the road. Mapquest shows that I should head to Vegas, then head NE on the 15 then E on 70 to Denver then onto 76 to the 80 to DesMoines and N to MN. This route is very appealing to me because it will take me to parts of the country that I haven't seen before. My concern is that my family is telling me that I shouldn't travel this way because of Denver. They are suggesting that I take the route that I've taken before, the 40 to the 54 through Kansas City to 35. My daughter and I are traveling alone and I will be doing all of the driving and would like some advise from other people. This trip will be made this month. Thanks for reading and for your advise!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoodyearAZGal
    I am driving to Minneapolis, MN.
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! I am guessing (not much of a stretch here) that you are starting from Goodyear (near Phoenix)? I have a suggestion for your route to Needles. Take I-10 to Quartzite and then north on AZ-95 so you can drive along the Colorado River. That section of the river is the most beautiful from the Arizona side and you can get a photo of London Bridge that way too!

    Another fun detour from Needles (no matter which Interstate route you choose) is to follow the old route 66 over Sitgreaves Pass and pay your toll duty to the burros in Oatman.

    Once you come down the hill from Oatman you will be in Kingman on I-40. From here, both options mentioned are fine. It is a little shorter (maybe) to stick on I-40 but it is no big deal to jump on US-93 and go north over the Hooover Dam and pick up I-15 to I-70. I really, really like I-70 and it is not that big a deal to get through the mountains or the traffic around Denver. But either route is fine.


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    Default Denver: Its a nice place

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Personally, I'd take the I-15/I-70/I-76/I-35 option. In my opinion, it takes you through the best scenery you can drive through on the Interstate system. If you haven't been through here, I don't see any reason why you shouldn't go this way.

    The I-40 option is fine too, but if you've done it before, I'd take the road yet untraveled. In fact, I'm kind of curious to hear what it is about Denver that has your family urging you to avoid it.

    I will also throw out a 3rd option, if you decide you want to skip Denver, but still want to take a new route. You could take I-15 all the way to Salt Lake City, and pick up I-80 there for the trip east. The distance should be pretty similar to I-70, but you avoid the colorado rockies.

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    I cannot leave until late Tuesday and I need to be in MN by Saturday morning. It's been 12 years or so since I've made this trip and never without another driver. On the way home I will have a lot more time to sightsee. I've done the route between here and Needles and the detour through Oatman many times. I'm not sure what my family's concern is about the Denver route. Maybe on the way there I'll do the Denver route and come back through Salt Lake City. It's my vacation right???!!! :-)

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    I think that's a pretty good plan, I too like taking as many different routes as I can. However, since you will be somewhat rushed on the drive out and you might have more time on the drive back, I might switch it around, driving to MN via I-80, and then heading back through I-70. But that's just because there are a million things that could distract you through Colorado and Utah if you have the time.

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    I have done this trip a few times.

    I enjoyed the i70 route much more than going through salt lake and wyoming (boring). It took longer and the views were not as good.

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