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    Default Laredo TX to SILVER SPRING. MD

    Please help us. This is our very first extensive road trip. We are looking for advice on routes and sites. We have 8 days to make it to Maryland from TX. We are both East Coast girls who know nothing about this part of the country but want to explore. Other than New Orleans, we have no other preferences. Any suggestions? Places to avoid? Must see's. Thanks

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    There are a great many sites and sights between New Orleans and Maryland. So it would help contributors if you could narrow the suggestions down to your interests first. Would you rather spend your time camping outdoors, or experiencing urban nightlife? Are you interested in history?, scenery?, both?, neither? Do you want to keep it to the easy-to-follow interstates or would you rather explore some byways? Maybe the two of you should sit down and take the RoadTrip Compatibility Quiz to make sure you're on the same page about the trip and to zero in on what it is you want out of the trip.


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