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    Hi everyone! It's nice to find a forum with many road trip lovers!

    My wife and I are living in Burbank, CA and we're driving up to see her parents in Boise this weekend. We've done the trip four times already but always through Calfornia, up the 5 through Reno and then skipping the corner Oregon into Boise.

    This time we're going up through Nevada to see some family in Las Vegas on the way. We've never taken this route and it looks like a whole lot of nothing.

    If anyone has been there (I believe up US-93) do you have any tips/advice/stories before we head through the desert?

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    Default I-15

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I haven't been up US-93, but I think taking I-15 all the way to Idaho would actually be the fastest route - even faster than your I-5/Reno route.

    I-15 through Arizona and Utah is a fabulous route for scenery, with lots look at along the way.

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    Thanks for the response Michael. However, if you look at the image below it looks like I-15 goes a bit out of the way (I haven't added up the mileage, though). US-93 is highlighted in orange.

    Boise is so far west, practically bordering Oregon. However, if I ever go to Utah or eastern Idaho I'll take the 15... the scenery will probably be better too :)

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    Default Define Nothing

    I have made the drive from Las Vegas up into southern Idaho, and while it is true that there are not a lot of people or conventional attractions along that way, the drive has a definite desolate beauty. You will be driving up the Basin and Range Province and so there will always be a mountain range on the horizon. And there are definitely a few things of interest such as the Extraterrestrial Highway, Lunar Crater, Ely and the Basque flavored town of Elko. Going through Elko will put you in great shape to head up NV-225 and ID-51 to Bruneau, ID, home to both the Sand Dunes and the Canyon (scroll down). Now, it's true that my trip did not follow US-93, but if yours does, you can also hit Great Basin National Park.


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    I traveled a small portion of Route 93 from Interstate 80 to Route 50. Actually a portion of the southward trip was on Alt 93. The area was very rural. We did see wild mustangs along the route. Ely is a small gaming town and the Nevada Hotel is great. Great Basin NP is just east of Ely if you wanted to take a small detour. Sorry I can't give more info. I did travel Route 50 across the entire state. It is the lonliest road or that is what it has been named. My guess it that 93 might be similar. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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    Default Ever hear of Basin and Ranges?

    Quote Originally Posted by hiphopcr
    This time we're going up through Nevada to see some family in Las Vegas on the way. We've never taken this route and it looks like a whole lot of nothing.
    I drive US-93 though Nevada as many times as I can each year. It is one of my favorite highways in the country. If you remember anything from high school or college geology or even geography classes, you will be stunned at the variety of the fauna and flora that inhabit the basin and range land structures of Nevada.

    I love to drive SR-318 between Ash Springs and US-6 (once you see that hidden red rock canyon) you will too. But even if you stay on US-93, there are plenty of treats awaiting you as you head down into Caliente and Pioche on the way to Ely.

    If you have time and don't mind a little gravel... There is a gorgeous canyon that will remind you of Zion NP and almost no one goes there. About thirty miles north of I-15 as you head north on US-93, take the dirt road to the NE (towards Elgin). At Elgin the road is paved (SR-317) and that drive through the canyon up to US-93 at Caliente is one of the delights of living in Nevada.

    At Ely -- have dinner at the Jail House Inn and stay over-night at the Nevada Hotel. Vintage Nevada with a friendly touch.

    Enjoy a part of "off the beaten path"


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