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    G'day all,

    We are coming to America for 3 weeks in November this year. My husband and I are both farmers in Australia who have never travelled before. We intend on hiring an RV from LA and then spending two weeks seeing the west coast before flying down to Texas for the cutting futurity.

    Does anyone have any tips or suggestions on what we should see or where we should go around this time of the year? Also where is the best place to hire an RV from in LA?

    We are complete beginners and would appreciate any help we can get. I thought this forum might just be a good way of figuring out what the hell we are doing.

    We are so very excited and can't wait to see a bit of your country!

    Thanks for any help you gan give us.

    Aussie Drovers

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    3 weeks gives you lots of time and flexablity to see many of the things to see on the West Coast. Did you have anything in mind? Do you want to stick to the Coast or Head into the mountains? Stay with California, go all the way up to Washington, or even out to the Grand Canyon and Southern Utah's National Parks.

    I'd start there. Identify some of your priorties and Search the Forum. There are litterally hundreds of threads dedicated to this part of the country, and I'm sure several of them will help get you started and on your way!

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    Thanks for your reply, we would like to see some of the national parks and the grand canyon so I will search for these on your forums.

    We are still very daunted by the whole idea, daunted but excited...

    Are there any websites or books you could reccommend for first time road trippers? Or people who have never seen america before? We would like to be prepared, and we really have no idea!

    Aussie Drovers

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    The National Parks/Monumenets in the US are absolutely beautiful. The National Park Service offers an annual pass for the cost of $50.00 which will cover the 2 of you for entrance to all sites. This is a bargain since most parks have entrance fees of $10-$20 for daily entrance. There is a wealth of information on the National Park service website. The individual locations will also send info to your home if requested. Another place for free information is each state's tourism website. Along with the information on the site, if you request, they will send travel packets to your home.

    Hope you have a great trip to our country. Have a nice time planning the journey. That is also a lot of fun.


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    Thanks so much for that, this is the kind of information that I need! I will get one of those passes and check out the websites.

    People keep telling me how friendly the Americans are... I can see why!


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    Thank you very much for the compliment!! It is fun for me to help others. By doing some research on the National Park site, you will be able to choose the National Parks/Monuments you really want to visit; then look at the map and find wonderful places between. I have not rented and RV and can't help you with that. I have traveled through most of the country and visited many of the National Parks, if you have any other questions, just ask. Have a nice time planning.


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    Default Read these two articles!

    Quote Originally Posted by Aussie Drovers
    We intend on hiring an RV from LA
    We have published two articles about renting RVs that you ought to read. The first is an overview of the process and the second one is something you OUGHT TO PRINT OUT and take with you when you pick up the rental.


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