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    Hello everyone, I was surfing around looking for some info for my next road trip and I was fortunate to find this forum. It a great place for people to pass along valuable lessons learned from their own experiences. I find that no mater how much experience you have on any particular subject there is always room to learn more.
    My wife and I have made 2 , 3000 plus mile road trips already and one 2000 mile trip and plan on another 3000 plus trip again this coming September. I look forward to contributing to this forum.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forum.

    Thank you from everyone at RTA for your kind words. You are absolutely right that what makes it valuable is the combined knowledge and experience of all who participate. We look forward to hearing from you often.


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    Donít worry AZBuck I be here for a bit. Iím planning my next trip now and my wife wants to see the great salt flats of Utah. I already received some good information in a thread about desert travel . I would much rather be over prepared than find later that I did not have something I should have. This forum is ideal for anyone who wants to research for thier trip.

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