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    Hello everyone! Now I've taken this trip a million times as a child and although South of The Border really rocked my socks then I'm not so sure this is what I'm looking for as an adult!

    I'd like to stay over in either South or North Carolina - some place with some charm and a great breakfast! Any ideas? Thanks!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forum.

    If you're only going to make one stop, then the presumption is that you'll be making the drive over two days. That means you'll only have to cover about 425 miles each day, so you'll have at least a little time to see a sight or two or enjoy a more relaxed lodging than the typical roadside motel. Your halfway mark is in the Sumter/Florence area of South Carolina. I have not had cause to stay over in that neck of the woods myself, but as you head up I-95, you can find both places to see and stay in this book. Be sure also to do a search on the web for Bed and Breakfasts in the area around Sumter or Florence. I have really enjoyed my stays in such places when I've had the time to enjoy them, and my wife is exceptional at picking the ones that will be the most charming from the owner's attention to detail in the decorating as shown by the pictures of the rooms on their websites. And their home cooked breakfasts beat the restaurant variety every day of the week. I did a quick search and easily found places with lots of charm in the $80-100 (and up, of course!)a night range. True, that's more than a typical motel by the highway, but as you say, one's tastes change with age. Enjoy your trip.


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