Greetings, all!

My husband, 16 month old son and I are moving home to San Francisco at the end of July after 3 years in Rochester, NY. We drove our 2002 VW Jetta wagon to get out here, we went the northern route mostly on the I-90, spending time camping in Yellowstone, the badlands etc.

We were thinking we'd fly back home to SF, but we still have our car, of course, and it has to get home too, so now we're thinking about driving with the baby. He's a really mellow guy, and quite the trooper in general, so I think it's do-able, but I'd love some input from experienced baby Road Trippers!

We don't have a really specific timetable or route in mind at this point, though I think we'll be going more for a direct I-80 route. I'd love input on stops along the way, how long I should plan on this taking (we are meeting our U-pack moving truck in SF, which probably means we have an 8 day limit, though we'll be able to check in with the driver to see how he's doing with the truck...), tips for driving with the baby etc.

On the way to Rochester, we very much played it by ear, though we knew we wanted to go to Yellowstone etc, but I'd love to know stops we should hit that'd be fun for all on the way, (we liked Wall Drug and the Corn Palace on the northern route,). We're big fans of natural beauty and good roadside kitsh. The baby's too little to appreciate kid places mostly, but if anyone's local to the route and knows any good playgrounds, that'd be great too.

Many thanks!