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    Default Tee Shirts for Techies

    I could well get edited by the Moderator Crew for this spam-like posting, but I have got to share this news release with you. I met the owner of this company many years ago at a trade show and figured (incorrectly) that his firm couldn't possibly make it. I am positive he thought the same thing about me and (Guess neither of us had properly or accurately functioning crystal balls...)

    Scott Jordon has been creating clothing that incorporates techno-doo-dads and his latest tee-shirt made me laugh out loud. Basically the tee-shirt comes equipped with a built-in personal area network. It is designed to accomodate a MP3-player and has a built-in channel for a speaker cable. This a tee-shirt that is fully wired, if you know what I mean. I am curious if anyone has purchased one of Scott's early jackets or this new tee-shirt. His jackets are really something with over 50 hidden pockets for vast array of electronic devices.

    His site is really fun in a slightly zany way. Be sure to click on "x-ray view".

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    Default Should we allow spam privileges, Fellow Mods?

    I'm not sure you've earned your credential yet, Mark. LOL

    I've heard about this stuff. The little blurb on the website saying something about a secret service guy wearing this cracked me up because it does have that spy edge to it. Cool stuff but not for this middle-aged, chunky woman. I have enough bulk without adding to it. :-)

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    Default I say we allow this one

    I'd issue a warning, but I can't fine my warning forms, so I guess he's off the hook! LOL!

    The products are very cool. Perhaps even a plus to the average roadtripper... you know, places to store your digital camera, wallet, cash, etc without it being, shall we say, obvious?

    The solar pannels do spark an interest with me though... that is actually a cool idea!!!!

    Thanks for the tip-off Mark!


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