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  1. Default NY to LA , By Bus..??

    Dear All ,
    Are there possible safe and comfortable buses that travel from NY to LA..?? ..
    i will have a stop in NY (from Milan) on my way to LA .
    i thought crossing the country -on land- rather than a flight would be exciting.. just wondering if there are possible road trips , or buses travelling all the way from NY to LA..!!
    i will be in NY by mid july..!

    thanks in advance..!

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    Default Safe, Yes. Comfortable, not so much.

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There is cross country bus service run by Greyhound. It is basically safe, and the busses themselves are fine, but it is an extremely slow method of getting from place to place. The buses stop in pretty much every town along the way. Bus Depots also tend to be in questionable parts of cities, so if there is a safety concern, it would probably be there.

    If you are looking to just get a feel of the country by moving through it, I think Amtrak would be a better option. American train service, and public transportation in general, is a far cry from the European version, but I think it would be a significant upgrade from the Bus. The downside is trains only travel on a couple of routes, particularly in the west, and getting to places like national parks can be difficult.

    Or of course you could rent a car one way - which really is the best way to get across the country, but it tends to be expensive.

  3. Default Thanks Micheal , Tripping Partners..?

    Many thanks Micheal..,
    i just checked Amtrak , it will take me like 4 days to get to LA .whatever route, i will still have to spend at least one night , in a city in between . i dont think i prefer that , specially that i am travelling alone.
    the car rental sounds nice , but it will be both tiring and boring since i'm solo...
    i had bad experiences with city buses in LA ,a couple of years ago , and it seems that crossing states buses are even worse.. so , forget it..!
    .. i thank you very much for responding , though nothing seems to work out fine with me , except for finding a group that will cross the country to my destination, on a suitable date , so that i join them and share the gas.. is there a forum for searching tripping partners or so..??

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    Default You've found it

    Just so you know, 4 days from NY to LA is faster than you'll likely be able to make the distance by car, and you'd have ready made co-travelers to converse with on the ride. Yes, you might have to spend a night in a hotel in Chicago or some other transfer city, but you'll have to be getting hotel rooms whereever you go, right?

    But as far as looking for other travelers, you've found the right place. Make a post under the "Share the Gas" Section of the RTA forum, and you just might find someone who is going the same direction.
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  5. Default Thanks...!

    Well ,
    Thanks again micheal.
    i will try the "share the gas" thing..! ..Or else , i'll just FLY..! :)
    really thanks for time and concern..!
    Have a nice Day..

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