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    Default Leaving tomorrow!

    Ok, leaving tomorrow!!!. Need some last minute advice, tips or ideas. This is my FIRST road trip and I'm going solo!! So please help. Oh, and I'm a woman. So please help!

    Here is the plan.

    Flying to Raligh/Durham NC. On Friday then Driving to Wilmington, NC
    Driving to Myrtle Beach on Saturday
    Driving to Charlotte on Sunday
    Driving to Savannah on Monday
    Driving to Jacksonville on Tuesday.

    I dont necessarly want to see Myrtle Beach and Charlotte. I am looking to sea some beautiful sites, odd attractions and podunk towns. Off the beaten path. I want to stay coastal. Food is a big focal point. I'm going to Savannah mainly to eat at Lady and Sons (Paula Dean's restaurant). Music and culture. Great people. And nice walks. Not much into shopping for much more then shot glasses, magnets and post cards.

    And ideas?
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    Default Embrace the journey

    I don't have a lot of experience in traveling that part of the country, so I'll just give you this bit of advice about roadtrips in general: Embrace the journey.

    Don't worry about details, let the road take you where it leads. There's no reason to rush yourself, and very few good reasons to force yourself to stick to a specific timetable - particulalry when you are trying to embrace southern culture.

    Have a great trip!

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