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    I've gone this route several times but I was wondering if anyone knew, hands down, what the quickest way from Phoenix (specifically the East Valley) to Interstate 40 heading east to anywhere east of Gallup or Albuquerque is. I've used I-17 to I-40, SR 87 to Payson then to Holbrook, and I've also noticed that US 60 east to Globe-Miami through the Salt River Canyon and on to Socorro takes only around 6 hours. Any ideas?

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    If you're looking for the fastest route just to I-40, then I-17 will always be the fastest. It is more direct and has much higher speed limits.

    Here's the time estimates I've got directly from MS Streets and Trips.

    Downtown Mesa (Near Main & Country Club) to Holbrook: 3 Hrs 41 Minutes(Streets and Trips Estimate)
    Add in Traffic, Fueling, Pitstops: Approx 4 hrs 30 minutes (estimated)

    Downtown Mesa to Holbrook via Payson (AZ 87), Heber (AZ 260) and AZ 377: 3 hrs and 21 min (streets and trips estimate)
    Add in Traffic, Lower Speeds, Fueling, Pitstops: Approx 4 hrs 10 min (estimated).

    Downtown Mesa to Holbrook via Salt River Canyon and Snowflake: 4 hrs 2 min (streets and trips estimate)
    Add in Traffic, etc.: Approx. 4 hrs 40 min to 5 hrs (estimated)

    So, pretty much I'd say it depends on what time of day and what time of year you plan on driving. If its early morning or off-season, then via Payson will probably afford you some extra minutes. If its peak-travel season or there's construction, I-17 would probably be your best bet.


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    Thanks AZ Brad!

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