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    Default toddler's first road trip

    I am in the planning stages of a summer road trip, on which I will be taking my wife and our two-year-old daughter. This will be our daughter's first road trip (to-date, our car trips have been less than an hour long), and I am seeking ideas/advice on New England region road trips that would be appropriate for a girl of her age. We would like to do a loop of New England, making stops at child-friendly attractions, and I would like some advice on how we can best accommodate our daughter. For example: (Considering our daughter needs) Are budget hotels/motels better than B&Bs or Inns? What is the longest period we should be on the road at any one stretch? Should we child-proof our car (and how should we do it)? What is the best way to take a "rest stop" (e.g. should we stop at a traditional rest stop, or at a food establishment?)? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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    Default We have some experts here

    Quote Originally Posted by bsbrierley
    I am in the planning stages of a summer road trip, on which I will be taking my wife and our two-year-old daughter.
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! Most of the Moderators have raised children and roadtrips have been a big part of that experience. But one of our guest contributors has a daughter roughly the same age as your child and you might find his comments helpful. Chris Epting, a cultural historian and roadtripper has always incorporated his book research around family roadtrips and has some interesting perspectives as well.

    [Just ignore AJ's comments about roadtrips being boring -- ]

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    Default For the Children

    My brother hosts an annual summer family gathering in northern New Hampshire and, tacky though they may seem to those of us who are a bit older, the children's favorite places are Santa's Village in Jefferson, NH (far and away their favorite), Story Land in Glen, NH, and Clark's Trading Post in North Woodstock, NH.

    And don't forget the simple stuff, like letting her fish in some of the little ponds or look at the stars at night.


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    Default Thanks Mark.

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the reply. I actually sent the Thing-a-ma-baby website link to my wife. I know she'll also enjoy it.

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