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  1. Default Miami to Los Angeles NEED HELP!

    Hi Everyone!
    This is my first time posting on here. At the end of June, my husband and I (and our two cats) are moving from Miami to LA. We want to make this a fun trip and not just a point A to point B type of thing. I have NO idea about fun stops along the way. We were thinking about taking 1-10, but are there any other suggestions?

    I know we want to stop at the grand canyon, and maybe New Orleans. Anyone know the status of New orleans these days?

    Any tips on traveling with pets?
    And, places to stop and see?

    Anything would be great!
    Thanks so much!

  2. Default New Orleans (status)

    My wife and I just did the move from New Orleans BACK to Hollywood (FL) and we were able to get through I-10 without any trouble. However, I should warn you that was 6 months ago and I can't guarantee any accuracy in the current status of things. I-10 is fine to go if you're coming from MIA through to New Orleans, but be aware between Tallahassee and Mobile, there isn't a much to look at. At least, that's my opinion. You could also get on the FL, AL and LA department of transportation's website to see if any portions of I-10 are still under construction (though they shouldn't be, they weren't 6 months ago).

    Have yourself a safe trip and good luck doing it with pets. :)
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    Default Across America on I-10

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forum.

    I-10 is clearly your road of choice for this endeavor, and there are any number of possible stops along or near it to make your journey enjoyable. To name just a few:

    Kennedy Space Center
    Gulf Islands National Seashore
    Lake Pontchartrain Causeway
    San Antonio
    White Sands National Monument
    Saguaro National Park

    And then if you head up to the Grand Canyon, you could finish off your journey into LA with stops in Las Vegas and the Mojave National Preserve.

    Hopefully, that will give you an idea of a few of the sights available along the way and get you thinking. If you have interests or hobbies, then speak up and perhaps people can be more specific in their recommendations. Also be sure to use the search function for terms like 'cats' and 'pets' - there have been a number of discussions on the ins and outs of travelling with pets from people who have done it. Their tips would be of much more help than anything I could tell you. As to New Orleans, I'm sure they'd like to have you stop, and I'm pretty sure the French Quarter is back up, but the city itself has not fully recovered yet, so it's going to be a judgment call on your part. Perhaps others with more detailed knowledge of the situation there will pipe up.

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