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  1. Default CA to AK July 06 - wanna join me?

    Hi -

    I'm strongly considering an epic trip from Southern California to Alaska starting in early July. If I could find a good travel partner, it would be a done deal. I promise you it could be the trip of a lifetime.

    I would be driving my '93 Chevy Suburban and taking along my 10 year old german shepherd mix Ramsey. Don't worry - he is very lovable and there would be plenty of room for all 3 of us. If you've never done a significant road trip in a Suburban, you don't know what you are missing. With the 3rd row seat left at home, and the 2nd row folded down, there is 8 feet of space in the back. With a proper pack job (leaving the kitchen sink at home), you can have a queen size air mattress in the back to enjoy while not driving or to spend the night on in a rest area or campground.

    I plan on taking my time and enjoying the trip north as much as possible. I'm not really into big cities as I've pretty much seen all of the West Coast. I would like to take the backroads as much as possible, hit a few national parks, and do some camping, mountain biking, and backpacking on the way. Ideally we would make a northeastern arc through Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Alberta (Banff!) and see the Canadian Rockies, before making our way back west and north through the territories to Alaska. At night, we would alternate between motels and campgrounds, and occasionally rest areas and all-nighters.

    I like to have a general plan, but on a trip like this I wouldn't fill in all the details and timelines until necessary. However, if you like to have a plan and schedule, I'm good at that, too. I plan on taking a minimum of 3 weeks and a maximum of 8 weeks. How's that for flexibility? I'm also open to just about any sort of deviations and requests. If you're just looking for a quick one-way trip either direction I might be able to accomodate that, too.

    A little about me. I'm 33, single, and in between careers. Life doesn't throw you too many opportunities as an adult to take a couple of months off, so I'm going to take advantage of this one. I'm very laid back and I like most kinds of music. I have an adventurous spirit, I'm not conservative, and I like to have a good time just like anyone else. I'm open to anyone as a companion as long as they know how to have fun on a road trip!

    Let me know ASAP if you're even remotely interested!

    Thanks, Neil

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    armywf Guest

    Default check your email

    Hey there I wrote back to your email to see if you found someone to ride up with ya...holler back at me if you havent!!


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    Sounds awesome! Would love to be in a position to join you but sadly I can't take that time out right now :(

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