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  1. Default Covering MO, IL, IN, KT, OH, PA, and VA and need help!

    This is my first road trip and I need a little help. I have our major stops planned out. my friends and I want to see some amusement parks and we picked out those and I think we are going to camp as much as we can (poor college students).

    So our route will be from
    New Orleans, LA to Kansas City, MO (Worlds of Funs theme park);
    from Kansas City to Chicago (Six Flags);
    from Chicago to Santa Claus, IN (Holiday World);
    from Santa Claus to Louisville, KT;
    from Louisville to Cincinnati, OH (Paramount Kings Island);
    from Cincinnati to Sandusky, OH (Cedar Point);
    from Sandusky to Hershey, PA (Hershey Park and CHOCOLATE);
    from Hershey to Williamsburg, VA (Busch Gardens).

    From here, I don't know what else to do. This is where we start heading back to Louisiana and I don't want to spend a lot of money on the way but I don't want to just drive straight home. I need some pretty cheap place to stop. We want to see more than just the parks, but don't know where to go in between. I've got from LA to MO covered, but it is inbetween to other legs that I am having trouble.

    Also, if someone can recommend some good campgrounds near our main points of interest. Thanks.

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    Default Greeting from Shreveport

    Ok first things first - What college are you at? I'm a graduate of Loyola.

    Next - where to stop in between. During college the biggest mistake I made was being to focused on the destination and not enjoying the drive. I've learned that just going and following the random signs I see is wonderful. It's led my sister and I to explore caverns, a backyard full of plaster of paris dinasours and "fossils", and many other bizarre things.


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    Default What a trip

    Welcome to the RTA Forum. That's quite an impressive trip. I don't think I could afford it with a lot of Amusement park prices running $50 a day, but I'd still love to try.

    I'll throw out a couple of suggestions. First, if you'd like to get away from Roller Coasters and onto Water Slides, you might try heading up to Wisconsin Dells, where there are several Huge waterparks, and a number of more unusual sideshows - like a Ripley's Believe it or Not.

    There is also a 6 Flags near St. Louis if you want to throw in one more stop between KC and Chicago - or if you don't want to go as far north as 6 flags near Chicago.

    Speaking of Six Flags Great America, near Chicago. The Park is actually a long way north of the city - in fact it is practically into Wisconsin. If you are looking for a good camping spot nearby, I'd recommend Illinois State Beach. Its right on Lake Michigan, and has some pretty decent camping spot.

    good luck and enjoy the rides!

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    Ok first things first - What college are you at? I'm a graduate of Loyola.
    Thanks for the help guys. Laura, I started off my freshman year at UNO but only got to stay for a week. So now I am at Southeastern in Hammond and I don't know when I'll be able to go back to Uno, but I do want to. As an art student the classes are hard to transfer.
    I will definitely check out that campground in near Chicago.
    Any more tips a very welcome.

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