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Thread: any cabins?

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    Default any cabins?

    I know I am late, very late. But all campgrounds seem filled up. I am trying one of those KOA camprounds, rather, Kampgrounds :)
    Anyone knows any other place? Or last option: a cabin? somewhere near Mendocino. We plan to cover some of the state parks in the Mendocino area.

    I cannot take any more risk. Wil have to make a reservation by tonight.


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    Default National Forests?

    Sorry, I'm just not that familiar with the area, but is there any national forest or blm land around there?

    If there are, even with campgrounds filled up, you can always try the dispirsed camping route. There aren't any services or facilities, but I've found some great spots without any crowds on holiday weekends by going with the dispersed camping route.

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