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  1. Default 80 people travelling from Las Vegas to LA (help needed)


    I am organising a road trip for 80 people to travel between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. I don't want them to fly. I want them all to get in cool cars and drive between the two cities.

    Any advice on companies who could help me out would be greatly appreciated.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'd guess you'd have to check around with some specialty car rental companies to find exactly what you are looking for, however, I'm not sure of how many of them would have enough cars to do exactly what your thinking of.

    Have you also given any thoughts to how many people you want in each car, and how the members of your group are going to feel about driving themselves?

    Honestly, I think your best bet here would be to look into getting a couple of coach busses. Your group would get to see the same views, in a very comfortable, stress free environment.

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