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Thread: Road Food Ideas

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    Default Road Food Ideas

    It is that time of year, when seasoned roadtrippers begin to set up their coolers and on-the-road snack lists. Here are some great ideas gathered from RTA's Road Food Guru, Dennis Weaver.

    What kinds of roadtrip snacks do you carry and what do you tend to avoid?


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    RoadTripper Brad Guest

    Default Cascade Trail Mix

    I usually try to carry some home made "Cascade" style trail mix. It's good, but it can get a little messy when trying to eat at 75 MPH.

    Cocktail Peanuts
    Sunflower kernels

    add ons:
    dried cherries/apples/apricots
    other dried fruit

    Thats just one thing I try to keep handy. Its better than candy bars!


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    Default I always enjoy Dennis's articles and ideas!

    Thanks for pointing toward them.

    I usually start out with hard-boiled eggs, cheese, good lunch meats like sliced turkey breast, peanut butter, protein bars, salad fixings, tuna fish (in the foil packets so I don't have to deal with draining the yucky tuna water), condiments like mayo/mustard/ketchup in the little packets so the mayo doesn't need refrigeration, a variety of different nuts, seeds, fruit, jerky, dried fruit, raisins. I try to limit the food I carry that needs refrigeration so I only need a small cooler for those items and I can put the rest in another bag. With some paper towels, paper plates/bowls, and plastic utensils, I can stop anywhere and make a decent meal without having to cook anything. And most of it can be eaten "on the road" if I don't wanna stop for awhile.

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    Default Don't Forget the Ultimate Snack Food....


    I get picked on a lot for eating like a two year old since at any given moment I have at least a cup of cheerios in a tupperware with me at work. They're nutritious, easy to carry, don't spoil, not messy, and easy to eat on the road. I guess most other dry cereals would work too, but there's just something about cheerios.

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