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    Default Visit Brackley Beach, Prince Edward Island, Canada

    If you can remember the days when it was only 3 minutes to get to the Beach (and you took it for granted) or when you could visit a drive-in theater just down the road and enjoy the sun in the lazy, hazy days of summer, then Prince Edward Island is the place to visit. Don't want to go to the beach, then they have lots of golf courses, historical sites, fine cuisine and attractions for the kids at a reasonable cost. How to get to PEI:From NewEngland take I-95 to Bangor Maine and then take the Airline Road to Calais/St. Stephen. From St.Stephen, New Brunswick proceed to Saint John and then to Moncton, New Brunswick. From there take the signs that lead to PEI and once over the bridge you can follow the TransCanada to Charlottetown.

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    Default Is this a personal invitation?

    Quote Originally Posted by johnrcmp
    then Prince Edward Island is the place to visit.
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum -- your post sounds like a tourism booster, but it does sound intriguing, nonetheless. How long have you lived on PEI?


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    I have been on PEI for over 40 years. The winters are cold and snowy here so in the spring I either take a filght to Florida or travel by car to the Southern States. For some odd reason I still enjoy driving rather than flying to Florida.

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