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    I'll be spending a few days in Yellowstone this summer and I want to find a room to stay in while I'm there. I can't find anything with the traditional priceline/hotwire searches. Do you guys have any suggestions on places to stay in or near the park that aren't ridiculously (>$70/night expensive)?


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    Default Don't know the prices, but...

    Quote Originally Posted by transeattlite
    Do you guys have any suggestions on places to stay in or near the park that aren't ridiculously (>$70/night expensive)?


    I don't know anything about these places prices, but the National Park Service maintains a list of lodging within the park. You may also try searching for lodging in nearby Cody, WY. It may be a little bit less expensive then in the park itself.


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    Default Yellowstone lodging

    Cheap lodging near Yellowstone NP might be hard to find during high season but you can try your luck for a cabin (52$+) at the Roosevelt Lodge, at the Canyon Lodge & Cabins or at the Old Faithful Lodge Cabins (budget cabin starting at 66$) not to be confused with the Old Faithful Lodge. I've never been to these places though so I don't know what they're worth.

    You might want to check out this link and this post for an overview of other available lodging options in or close to the Park. Did you consider camping? There are lots of campgrounds in that area.


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    My sister and I are going to Yellowstone as well and will be staying here We are staying in one of the cabin tents for $39 a night plus tax (around $42 total.) It was recommended to me by someone on a photography forum. Hope it helps!

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    Default Wow Great price

    Thats a great price for a once in a lifetime trip into our nations wilderness. Watch out for black bears tho!

    Happy Trails,


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    I stayed in Yellowstone in June. We stayed in Cody one night (Cody Motor Lodge @ $92.12) and one night in Yellowstone (Canyon Lodge Cabins @ $65.88). The cabins reminded me of a college dorm room, by no means 5 star but a clean warm place to sleep with a private bath.

    We went in to Cody after a 15 hour day on the road with no reservations for a room. We checked at a few with near full vacancy and well over $100/night rates. $92 sounded prety sweet!!!!

    Also in September, I stayed in the Colter Bay Tent Cabins for $30 something. The cabins have 2 wood walls with bunks mounted to them and 2 tent walls. There is also a wood burning stove and depending on when you are there you may need it. Was gonna pitch my tent in the campground put i was full.

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    Default $100? Really!

    Quote Originally Posted by UNSeaBlu04
    We went in to Cody after a 15 hour day on the road with no reservations for a room. We checked at a few with near full vacancy and well over $100/night rates
    I was born in Cody, and I can't quite get my head around the concept of any motel in Cody costing $100/night (except for the fancy dude ranches up in the mountains). Wow, that is amazing to me!

    Thanks for the field loging report!


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    Default Cheap lodging?

    I've found lots of cheap lodging in West Yellowstone, Idaho. Try a search for lodging there.

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    West Yellowstone and Gardiner Montana have the cheapest selection of motels just outside the park.

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    Default out of touch?

    I'd stayed at yellowstone for almost a week; but that was 2004 memorial weekend. I do not remember it being so expensive. Am I too out of touch to comment?
    I found some very good cabins at mammoth springs. We were 4 of us that shared a cabin(common baths, though). Remember Old faithful Inn being a lil pricey. But canyon lodge was decent(~$55)!! This is for 4 people with 2 queen beds.
    I stayed a night out at Cody as well. It was pricey, yes. But $100? I think I stayed at Best Value Inn.
    How many days are you giving for Yellowstone? If its just 1 day, staying out(Cody), and starting in the morning for the park, its ok, but allocate some 2-3 hrs driving time. We had been to the bear tooth hwy and then headed back to Cody. Remember the roads being very narrow & winding(even long after we left beartooth).
    Xanterra manages lodging in Yellowstone..I can guarantee a decent lodging experience in the abv mentioned lodges I stayed. Hope nothing has changed since then!
    We had a week in yellowstone; that was enough time to scratch the surface(we did not have time to do long hikes, just the most popular ones), we were happy we stayed inside the park.

    have fun planning!

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