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    My bf and I want to go on a road trip out west. Were into horses, rodeos, farming, truck pulls etc. I don't really care where we go (just need a vacation!)but he feels like he needs a plan and a destination so that we don't just drive out and drive back. With work schedules, we have about 5 days or so to get out there and back. Any ideas of some places to stop that we might be interested in?
    Also, with it being tornado season and all when would be our best bet to go out?


    BTW we will be starting in Pennsylvania.......
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    Default The West: Its a big place

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Its interesting that your bf fears that you'll just drive out and back without a plan, I generally find the less I have planned, the more I stop and do things along the way. But that's an individual thing.

    A couple questions, when you say the west, did you have any place in mind? Also, is the 5 days you've got laid out for your trip total or do you have more time planned for when you get to your destination?

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    I would like to see kentucky, tennessee...maybe eventually hit Texas where I have some family members I could visit. My bf loves Missouri so I know he wants to go there. As far as time goes...I am pretty much flexible with it since I am a college student and do not start my summer job until June, but I think he is limited to a week total. So agreed on about 5 days of driving total and maybe 2 days we could just have extra incase something were to come up. Like I said, I would like to just go out to see how beautiful it is out there (PA is getting REALLY over developed) but he wants to have things to do. I think we would be happy just hitting up some rodeos and things like that. I guess we just need a route to travel and a few things to do.

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    Default When are you leaving?

    With only five days (I'm assuming that includes going and coming) you won't be able to make it from Pennsylvania to the other coast and back in five days.

    You said you're into tractor pulls, rodeos, etc? How about trailer racing. In September the Wisconsin International Speedway in Kaukauna, WI hosts an event that includes trailer racing, figure 8 racing, chain racing, etc. I've seen it on Speed a few times and it looks insane. I believe that the track is also out in a more rural area of Wisconsin.


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    My bf and 2 of his friends went out through missouri and kentucky, tennessee...a few other states and they were gone about 4-5 days. During those 4-5 days they actually had a realtor take them out looking at houses and all. They had enough time to enjoy it. Pretty much its just a well due get away. I realize it wont leave time for relaxing and I probably wont get much sleep but trust me that's ok. I will just enjoy being out there.

    Also, I have an ex.race horse and I found out he came from a farm in Lexington, Kentucky...Im thinking about making that a stop.

    Thanks for your idea of trailer racing...that sounds like a blast. Unfortunately September is when I start college again so we wont be able to go out then. Ill try to find out if they have anything going on before then.

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