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  1. Default Advice for LA to Las Vegas travel PLEASE

    Hi there,

    We are from New Zealand planning to come to the USA for our honeymoon. Our plan is to fly to Los Angeles, stay for about 5 days then drive to Las Vegas for a 5 day stay.

    We'd love any advice that you might have for the best car rental company, through to the best route to Las Vegas from LA. Also any advice on great places to stay in LA and Las Vegas would be truely appreciated.

    I hope I don't sound completely ignorant, but our knowledge of the USA is from what we've seen in the movies. Is it safe to drive from LA to Las Vegas - and are there any tips you might have so we don't end up in an unsafe part of town?

    All advice will be appreciated greatly. We can't wait to experience such vibrant US cities!!

    Kind regards,
    kiwi couple, Auckland New Zealand.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum.

    The drive from LA to Vegas is totally safe, and one of the most heavily traveled highways in the West. If you are going between LAX airport and Las Vegas, you just hop on I-10 take it to I-15 and head north. The drive should take about 5 hours, depending upon traffic.

    As far as rental car companies, I don't have a strong preference. I've used several of the major ones and a few of the smaller more regional companies, and I've never had a major problem with any of them. I'd Check out RTA's Travel Reservations page and go with the one that costs the least.

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