On March 1st, the Landmarks Preservation Council of Illinois announced their 2006 list of ten most endangered historic sites in Illinois. If you're like me, I like to visit historical or unique places when I travel. Some of these may not be there if you wait much longer.

This list is made to focus attention on "sites that are threatened by deterioration, lack of maintenance, insufficient funds, or inappropriate development."

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For a quick rundown of the top ten:

1. Campana Building- 1937- Batavia. Unique architecture. Designed as a
cosmetic factory with alternating bands of glass block windows.
2. Green County Almshouse-1870. Carrollton. One of only a few surviving
Illinois buildings built to care for the poor and indigent.
3. Montgomery House-Glen Carbon-1840
4. Mumford House-Urbana-1870
5. Pickford Theater Building-Chicago-1912. One of few surviving African-
American structures from a famous entertainment district.
6. Religious buildings along Douglas Avenue-Chicago. Many were originally
Jewish but later became African-American.
7. Rock Island Reservoir-1869 and Stone Bridge 1881- Rock Island.
8. Spring Street Historic Corridor-Galena along US-20.
9. Trail of Tears encampment-Buncombe-1838. Also an 1820s barn and
store. Included in nine acre tract that is for sale. The Johnson
County Historical Society would like to purchase it and turn it into
Illinois' only Trail of Tears interpretive site.
10. Westinghouse High School-Chicago-1920. Former candy factory.

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