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    I'm heading to Vegas for 3 nights in mid of April. I've been to Vegas many times before but only with my wife were ok with whatever room we found, but this time we have small kids from 7 months to 6 years old and old people (inlaws). I don't want expensive hotels as we mostly just use it for sleep and shower but want some place that is clean and nice. I found some good deals on hotels on weekdays and narrowed it down to

    Circus Circus
    Barbary Coast
    Imperial Palace

    Anywhere else?

    I stayed at Barbary Coast and Imperial Palace before but it was too long ago and I couldn't remember much except that the room at BC was right on the strip and it was really really noisy.

    I stayed at Tropicana once too but it's too far at the end that it'll be too much of a walk to anywhere else, samething with Stratosphere and Sahara.

    I'm thinking of Circus Circus because of small kids but I see that it's a little too far from my favorite buffet, Bellagio :).

    I'm thinking of Barbary Coast or Imperial Palace as they are in the middle.

    Which one that you guys recommend?


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    I found some good deals on hotels on weekdays
    You said it weekdays, on weekend, the rates tend to go up so beware!:-)

    Circus Circus
    Barbary Coast
    Imperial Palace
    I haven't stayed at any of these hotels, but I heard the Stratosphere was great. Both times I went to LV I stayed at Arizona Charlie's on the Boulder Highway. I had a very quiet and nice double room for 39$. The hotel has a small Casino, restaurants, a cute little pool and is away from the Strip crowd and lights, which I liked pretty much.

    Our Editor actually lives in Las Vegas, I'm sure he's going to hop in pretty soon with some suggestions. You can also check out Megan Edward's Living Las Vegas website for other ideas.


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    I have stayed at Circus Circus, Sahara, Stratosphere and Imperial Palace (before remodeling) as well as a few other hotels that you did not list. Of the ones you mentioned I would most highly recommend The Sahara. Circus is decent you have kids though so I guess it would be great because of the amusement park and side shows. The Stratosphere is just too far away from everything else and once you pass it you're immediately in the ghetto. The rooms at Sahara are very nice for the price. The pool is lovely too and there's a great roller coaster. Personally though I prefer to stay more towards the center of the Strip. My favorite hotel in all of Las Vegas is the Mirage. You can usually find great deals there too. Every time I stay there I can't belive what a nice place it is for the price. Plus you're right in the middle of everthing. Btw if you can I would definately check out a Cirque while you're there. My fav is Mystere at TI.
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    Thanks Glen,

    I'll only stay there from Sunday to Wednesday so it's weekdays rate :). Circus Circus listed their room for only $45/night for the manor rooms and $55 for the tower rooms and Sahara is only $39/night.

    Earl, I'd like to stay in the middle of the strip too and the Barbary Coast and Imperial Palace are across from Bellagio. Mirage is nice but for Monday and Tuesday night it's $199/night which is pretty expensive compare to others.

    I'll check out the Saraha. Thanks for the suggestion.

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    Circus Circus or Sahara could be decent choices for you. Yes, they are on the far end of the strip, but Circus Circus does have the built-in entertainment for the kids which is very helpful. The Sahara is right across the street, and while these two places are on the very south end of the strip, there at least are a few other things around them. (unlike Stratosphere which really is an island to itself)

    You seem to be leaning heavily toward BC and IP, and if you want to be right in the middle of the strip and you've found good prices, then by all means, go for it. Simply put, there is so much hotel competition in vegas, its hard to find a bad place.

    However, I've never found getting around the strip to be that difficult. If you'll have your own car, its almost a non issue in my book. But there are plenty of other transportation options, I've gotten around solely using the city bus system without any problems, plus there are other shuttles, trolleys, and even the monorail - which stops right at the Sahara, if you end up staying there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sonnyc
    ...but want some place that is clean and nice. I found some good deals on hotels on weekdays and narrowed it down ....
    For the price I doubt you can beat the Barbary Coast -- I don't know what the rooms are like, but the location is pretty amazing. Circus Circus, is, in my view pretty darn horrific -- Likewise, many people like Harrahs and the Imperial Palace -- both are showing their age -- but again, their locations are great. I have seen truly amazing deals at the Paris and the Aladdin Hotels.

    My choices for reasonable rooms would be: Southcoast (yes, it is not in the middle of the strip -- but the rooms are some of the nicest you can find at any price in Las Vegas). The other two sleepers I would recommend would be the Tuscany and the Westin Casuarina (just down the street from the Barbary Coast).


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