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    Default Sugarloaf State Park

    Sunday, me and my husband had been to Sugarloaf Ridge State Park. I remember Mark mentioning the park to me earlier.
    It is stunning to get into trees from all the heat outside. The road to the park goes along the creek(which had lots of water).

    We had earlier planned on visiting RL Stevenson(Mt. Helena) as well, but instead did the Bald mountain.
    I would recommend this park to anyone. Its gorgeous. Hike to Bald mountain was strenuous, but doable. We did a round trip in less than 3 hours. We got a 360 deg view on the entire bay area. It was fairly a clear day and we could see upto the Sierras.
    There is a short 1 mile hike to Sonoma creek falls, and its awesome...

    Enjoy the waterfalls, when is water is still around :-)


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    Default Thanks for the Report.


    Thanks for checking in. I'll keep it in mind the next time I head up north from San Francisco.


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