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    Default Huge Road Trip Planned Come Join Us!!

    Hi guys,

    I have this huge road trip planned. We are going from NYC then through the states in whatever direction we think we should go (New Orleans on the way) then down through Arizona in to Mexico to the bottom of Central America. Here myself and a freind are going to south america for about 3 or 4 weeks your welcome to come to but otherwise you can look after our car and drive it wherever. We are looking for a couple more people to join us on this 3 month adventure of a lifetime, your required to buy your share of the car in NYC and pay for 1/4 of the gas and insurance. On returning to the states we go along the west coast and get the ferry to Baja Calafornia in Mexico heading towards Seattle and seeing all the famous cities and landmarks on the way. Seattle is likely to be our final destination where the car is sold and we all make our way home.
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