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    Hi, I'm looking for advice and probably small fry compared what you guy get up to!

    I'm thinking of visiting my sister in New Cannan/Connecticut sometime in July and look into a possible trip starting by flying into Boston, visit sites on route to Connecticut - New York - Philadelphia - Delaware - Washington DC as the final place to fly out.

    Can anyone give me a breakdown or intinary of this trip and what worthwhile in between? Please include scenic coast line to visit too? What about practicalities of car hire/accodmodation and getting into and out of New York? I would Plan 2 weeks of this with a least 4 - 6 days with my sister, this can be part of the New York intinery too, since she only an hr on the train into Grand Central.

    Apologies in advance if I got your cites in the wrong order? However I pick up your web site and thought you guys could give me helpful advice.

    Many thanks James

  2. Default excellent RTA

    I've been looking at your site in more detail and only found out about it this earlier today...very informative and finding interest byways that could go off beat whilst on the travels.

    What thought of cost would it be to dive motor homes and should i consider accomodation is plentiful? there is so much to find out and consider the costs. as you can see i'm new.

    in case you wondering where i'm from.....Norwich in the UK.....east coast abt 100 miles slightly north east! Its a great place too.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forum.

    Your trip will follow the basic BosWash corridor, and this well travelled route has been the subject of a number of threads, besides the ones listed at the bottom of the page (what the inhuman software finds), try these for the New England Portion:

    Thread 1
    Thread 2
    Thread 3

    Here is an alternative to going through New York, along with some shun-piking options for driving the corridor.

    And for the Philadelphia-Delaware-Washington portion, try this thread.

    Those should give you some background. Once you have a broad idea of which among those options appeal to you and which don't, come on back for further options.

    I doubt that anywhere in this entire region will you be farther than 20 miles from affordable lodging. Depending, of course, on how you define that.


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