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    Default NYC to SF

    Hi,I am new to this forum,I am from Paris,France.
    Me,my wife and my daughter (she's 6) are going to have a road trip this
    summer from NYC to SF.(during 4 weeks)
    We are going to hire a car at NYC.This isn't our first time in the US, but this road trip is bigger than our
    last trips.
    I submit our schedule:
    Day 1 to 4 :Arrival from Paris to JFK and visit NYC
    Day 5 : NYC-Washington DC (connection)
    Day 6 : Whashington DC (visit)
    Day 7 : Washington DC-Cleveland (connection)
    Day 8 : Cleveland-Chicago (connection)
    Day 9-10 : Chicago (visit)
    Day 11 : Chicago-Sioux Falls (connection)
    Day 12 : Sioux Falls-Rapid city (connection)
    Day 13 to 15 Rapid city area ( Mount Rushmore,Badlands, Black hills,Custer Park)
    Day 16 : Rapid city-Cody (connection)+ Cody Nite Rodeo
    Day 17 : Cody-Yellowstone Park
    Day 18 to 20 : Yellowstone Park(visit)
    Day 21 : Grand Teton (visit)
    Day 22 : Jackson hole-Ogden (connection)
    Day 23 : Ogeden area (Antelope Island,Hill AFB) visit
    Day 24 : Ogden-Ely (connection) (just to take the loneliest road 50)
    Day 25 : Ely-Reno (connection) (just to take the loneliest road 50)
    Day 26 : Reno-Lake Tahoe-San Francisco (connection)
    Day 27 to 29 : San Fransisco (visit)
    Day 30 : SFO airport-Flight to Paris

    Our biggest question : Is this road trip balanced?
    Thanks for your answers...

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    Default More Balanced than Many I've Seen

    Bienvenue sur forum de RoadTrip Amérique.

    Your itinerary is quite ambitious, and may turn out to be a bit much depending on how well you and your family tolerate long hours in the car. In particular the Chicago to Sioux Falls segment is about 575 miles (920 kilometers) and many of your other legs are 350-400 mi (550-650 km). I'm just afraid that too many such days will begin to take their toll on your wife and daughter. But if you are all used to such travel and you plan to take several short breaks on your driving days, you do seem to have enough places along the way where you stop for a few days to catch your breath, and this should be a great adventure.

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    Default About mileage

    Thank you,AZBuck for your quick answer.
    About the mileage,we did last year a Southwestern trip during 3 weeks :
    Tucson(nice souvenir!)-La Quinta-L.A...
    My daughter was ok with one condition :a pool at each hotel/motel :It was a very nice trip!
    In 2004, we did a trip around Florida during 3 weeks (Miami-St Augustine-Pensacola-St Pete-Naples-Key Largo-Key west-Miami)with same conditions (a pool at each stop).
    So,This time,distances are most important,especially Chicago-Sioux Falls,I'm agree with you for this point,but I think it will be possible because we have some stops with 3-4 days at the same place.Isn't it?
    You wrote :"More Balanced than Many I've Seen"..It's an encouragement for our project!!!

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