• The Postcard Killers by James Patterson and Lisa Marklund

      Imagine a story where serial killers send a warning postcard to the media and follow it up with pictures of the crime scene. When his daughter and her fiancÚ are murdered in Rome, Jacob Kanon a NYC homicide detective goes to Europe to find out what is going on with the investigation. Failing to see any action taking place he decides to find the killers with or without the European investigators' help.

      Postcards are delivered to reporters and couples continue to be murdered and robbed in the same manner in cities across Europe. In Stockholm, Jacob joins female reporter , Dessie Larsson, who helps him work together with the Swedish police. Dessie is the reporter who received the postcard and she feels a need to not only report on the crime, but to help find the killers and prevent further murders. Working together and examining the crime scene photos of all the murders, Jacob and Dessie discover that the bodies of all the victims have been positioned in poses to suggest famous paintings. The detective's and the reporter's collaboration becomes a romance as they pursue the killers.

      Patterson's latest thriller is written in collaboration with best-selling Swedish novelist, Lisa Marklund. Together they present the mystery in a unique manner. The reader knows almost from the beginning who the murders are, so the issue is not 'who' did it but 'why.' The killers, Mac and Sylvia Randolph , an attractive young couple, target young couples in European museums. All the couples who are killed and robbed are led to believe the couple who befriended them are a happily married couple like themselves. When Dessie and Jacob learn the shocking truth about Mac and Sylvia they can begin to track them to prevent more murders, but the killers' brilliant planning and airtight alibis baffle everyone, including the Swedish police.

      This is an exciting and absorbing mystery thriller. Both the exotic European locations and the references to art works and theories add to the satisfying plot. Three accomplished readers share the narration of this audio book, bringing believability and entertainment to the presentation. A remarkable story, told in an exciting manner--another Patterson winner!

      The Postcard Killers
      The Postcard Killers by James Patterson and Lisa Marklund
      Read by Katherine Kellgren, Eric Singer and Meg Rogers
      Hachette Audio, unabridged: 7.5 hours on 6 CDs