• Skydive Danielson - Danielson, Connecticut

      If you've ever wanted to jump out of a plane, or even if you thought you'd never want to, Skydive Danielson is the place to go to take the plunge. At this small airport facility, the friendly and enthusiastic staff of Skydive Danielson will give you an orientation on the ground before you get harnessed up and climb aboard a plane that will take you up 12,000 feet. You'll have an expert skydiver attached to your back to take the plunge with you and operate the parachute (although it's automated, and will open without human assistance) and guide it gently to the ground, though you will be given a chance to help operate the controls if you'd like. On the way down, you get an amazing view of the beautiful countryside. And once your feet are on the ground, you'll be eager to try it again. Video and photos of your jump will be available.

      If you go:
      Open daily April through early November. Wear clothing that you don't mind getting grass stains on, because that's where you'll land. No cameras, phones or other personal items allowed on the flight or jump. You must be at least 18, reasonably fit (the suggested hypothetical test is whether you can jump off a picnic table) and not weigh over 230 pounds. Note that the location is also sometimes listed as Killingly, CT.


      41 Airport Road
      Danielson, Connecticut 06239 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Skydive Danielson
      +1 (860) 774-5867