• Grand Canyon Village, Arizona to Kanab, Utah

      215 miles, about 7 hours

      This short but scenic drive takes you past Marble canyon, where the movie “Maverick” was filmed, to Page, Arizona, home of Glen Canyon Dam and then on past Lake Powell to the resort town of Kanab, Utah, known as “Little Hollywood” due to all the western movies made in and near there.

      You are starting today in the Grand Canyon, so if you have time, you can spend the morning touring the Grand Canyon from the rim. The shuttle will take you to all of the viewing points, and you can get a perspective on the enormity of the canyon.

      Cameron Trading Post (mile 58)
      When you have finished touring exit the park via the east exit at Desert View. Drive Route 64 to Route 89 and head north for Cameron, a good place to have lunch at the Cameron Trading Post.

      Bitter Springs (mile 114)
      Route 89 splits into two roads about three-quarters of the way to Page, Arizona, and you will take the road to the right that starts on an upgrade. When you reach the crest, there is a scenic overlook. Stop here and take in the view west across Marble canyon to the Vermillion Cliffs. You can almost see into the Grand Canyon from here.

      Glen Canyon Dam Overlook (mile 138)
      Next stop is just south of Page. Heading north again, look for a sign for a scenic overlook as you approach the town. It requires a short hike, but the view of Glen Canyon and the Glen Canyon Dam is magnificent.

      Glen Canyon Dam (mile 140)
      Stop at the dam and take the tour. It only takes about an hour, and you go down into the power station and outside near the base of the dam to look up the canyon and at the bridge you crossed to get there, so it is well worth the time spent.

      Kanab, Utah (mile 215)
      Kanab, Utah is a pretty town surrounded by the red rock that graces much of the southwest. It is commonly called “Little Hollywood” because it is probably second only to Monument Valley as the capital of western movie making. Kanab is also a perfect jumping off point for all of the attractions in the area, including Grand Staircase National Monument, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Cedar Breaks, Kolob Canyons, and Pink Coral Sand Dunes State Park, all within close driving distance. Even the Grand Canyon North Rim is easily accessible from here, only 80 miles south.

      Glen Canyon Dam near Page, Arizona.