Road Trip 2009 Yosemite

Some photos from the second stage of this year's road trip.
  1. Yosemite Falls in full flow.
  2. Coulterville. An interesting town on the way to Yosemite.
  3. Yosemite Tree Felling. He'd jsut started, at this point.
  4. Yosemite Falls
  5. Yosemite Falls. Be prepared for a soaking.
  6. Yosemite: Tree Felling.
  7. Yosemite: Tree Felling.
  8. Yosemite Rock Climbing. Can you see them now?
  9. Yosemite Rock Climbing. Can you see them?
  10. Yosemite: Tree felling. He'd got this far after about ten minutes!
  11. Yosemite: Tunnel View
  12. Yosemite: Valley View
  13. Yosemite Reflection.
  14. Lower Yosemite falls.
  15. Lower Yosemite Falls. We were lucky to visit just days after the Tioga Pass had opened. The waterfalls were in full flow.
  16. Yosemite Falls
  17. Zoom in and crop and you can just see the climbers.
  18. Lower Yosemite falls.
  19. Lower Yosemite falls. You have to scramble over rocks to get this picture, but it's worth it.
  20. The view from Tioga pass.
  21. I'd just seen this coyote in a tusstle with a huge bear!
  22. A dark cloudy sky, no chance of a good sunset, yet this happened!
  23. Yosemite Tunnel View. If you've not been before, take the route that brings you out of a tunnel and immediately gives you this view.
  24. Yosemite Marmot
  25. Yosemite Sam
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