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A View to a Swell
Interstate 70 through Eastern Utah
Mark Sedenquist
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Goblin Valley
"Goblins" in Goblin Valley

Goblin Valley
Goblin Valley landscape

Powell Museum
River-running crafts on display at the Wesley Powell Museum

Ray's Tavern
Nice place for a bite: Ray's Tavern in Green River

When I-70 crosses the San Rafael River, if you have time… take a quick detour to Goblin Valley State Park. These unforgettable landscapes will have you thinking you just stepped onto another planet!

Right on the banks of the Green River is the John Wesley Powell River History Museum. It has an amazing collection of boats and memorabilia about river runners and the history of the area. It is well worth a couple of hours. If you are looking for quick burger or a nice meal, there are two excellent choices in Green River. The Tamarisk Restaurant is directly across the road from the Wesley Powell Museum and has a nice view of the river flowing by. The other good option, Ray's Tavern, is located at 25 S. Broadway and has been called the "best pit stop on I-70" by the Salt Lake Magazine. It's a friendly place for burgers or a sandwich.

I-70 just keeps on getting better and better -- wait until you see Glenwood Canyon in Colorado -- but the awesome stretch through Utah is unbeatable evidence that Interstates deserve a better reputation for providing unparalleled road trip splendor.

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Mark Sedenquist
April 16, 2006


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