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  1. Default Gotta get back home

    Time to start planning for the trip back from Montana to North Carolina. Gonna make the credit card suffer. Gonna take the southern route this time.

    Does anybody know how decent US-93 is south through MT, ID, NV?

    Kinda toying with the idea of going to CA to hit up Yosemite or Sequoia or Death Valley. Definitely have to go to Barstow, CA to get a pic of the sign for I-40 that says Wilmington, NC (I went to college at the other end of it)

    Grand Canyon - North Rim or South?

    Any good shows in Vegas that I shouldn't miss?

    And def gonna hit up Carlsbad Caverns in NM.

    Well thats about as far as I have gotten... to the southern half of the US atleast. Now I just have to get East. I am sure there will be more questions.

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    Default Us-93

    Quote Originally Posted by UNSeaBlu04
    Does anybody know hwo decent US-93 is south through MT, ID, NV?
    I just drove most of the route. I really like the road, be sure to stop at Craters of the Moon National Monument in Idaho and you might consider SR-318 bertween Ely and Caliente (fast, fun, road).
    Definately have to go to Barstow, CA to get a pic of the sign for I-40 that says Wilmington, NC (I went to college at the other end of it)
    There is no sign in Barstow that says Wilmington, NC -- or maybe I am missing something here?


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    Default Check this...

    Originally posted by <strong>Editor</strong><br> <i>There is no sign in Barstow that says Wilmington, NC -- or maybe I am missing something here?</i>
    To quote a comedian: "Here's your sign!"
    Not sure of where this is, and I don't know that person:

    [I am not sure why, but the links to those photos will not work from this board -- Editor]
    [Let's try this...]

    Pictures about 7/8 down the page.

    Thank you,!
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    I prefer the South Rim because they are granduer views. Between Las Vegas and Grand Canyon you might want to take the scenic route thru Zion National Park and a little side trip to Bryce and then pass Lake Powell and enter the South Rim of the Grand Canyon at the Desert View entrance. This route would add about 250 miles vs going direct from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon.

    At this time of the year I'd vote for Yosemite over Death Valley!

    Buy a National Park Pass for $50 and it will save you money in the long run with all the National parks you plan to visit.


  5. Default Why not...

    Yosemite - Sequoia - Las Vegas - Zion NP - Cedar Breaks - Bryce NP - North Rim - South Rim - Petrified Forest - Santa Fe - Lincoln County (NM) - Carlsbad Caverns and then east from there. There are other attractions along the way as well, if you have the time. Bob

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    Thanks for the website Timbo and for all of the advice.

    My last day of work is a Monday and I will have to be in Vegas by Friday.

    I will make my way to the to the Wilmington, NC sign sometime while I am in Vegas.

    So many choices. I think I might just have to make another trip to hit up the parks in CA, cause I wanna drive the PCH too, but I just don't have time now.

    I think that I have decided to head toward Arches NP (stay there one night) then making my way across Utah and staying one night in Zion. Then head to Vegas.

    Long days on the road again. Don't know how I do it.

    Happy road trippin.

  7. Default Bummed in Montana

    Well my whole trip just got FUBAR'd.

    The timing belt broke 2 days before I was suppose to leave. When it broke it messed up the pistons/valves. Basically the engine blew up. I guess was good timing though, cause I am not stuck in the middle of nowhere(but home sure would be nicer) and it's all covered under warranty. Now I have to wait two weeks probably for the new engine to be shipped here and installed.

    I was so excited about the road trip. I think I am still gonna meet my sis in Vegas by taking a less superior mode of transportation (airplane) cause she has her vacation days set and flights reservations and all.

    I hope my car doesn't take to long to fix cause it is just getting to cold in Montana for my Southern bones. It already snowed 10" in Glacier. Burrrrrr!

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    Default Where in Montana?

    Quote Originally Posted by UNSeaBlu04
    Well my whole trip just got FUBAR'd.
    I haven't seen that term in quite a while. It makes me remember that "snafu" was originally a similar acronym (SNAFU). Where in Montana are you? I have lots of family, here and there, and maybe they can lend some assistance?


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