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    Default Great Report

    I've been toying with the idea of going to Utah, etc next year. I think you just made up my mind for me.

    The pictures are amazing. You definitely have a talent there.

  2. Default No motel photos

    No, the only one I took was of their home (which is on-site). However, they do have a website for their motel, with photos -- the new name is Black Hills Inn and Suites.They will probably re-name the place in the future but it will stay the same for awhile. Bob
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  3. Default Utah

    Ihuff, you can't go wrong in Utah. It is a most amazing state with a wide variety of scenic and historic attractions -- definitely one of my favorites. I've also found it to be one of the most friendly places to visit. Bob

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    Not to diverge too much, but I noticed something bizarre when I was in Utah a couple of years back: the large quantities of good condition classic vehicles.

    At one point, a couple of teenagers were tooling around the campground in a '57 Chevy that looked like it had sun-beaten, but original, paint. They popped the hood and under there was a 283, just like it left the factory with. That was just one instance. I couldn't believe how many early post-war vehicles were for sale out there.

    Being from the snowbelt/rustbelt/saltbelt, I am always amazed to see things like that!

    And if that's not your thing, the scenery truly blew me away. Around here Utah is generally thought of as a boring, conservative state. Politics never represent scenery!

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    Great post Bob. Going to Sturgis is always an unique adventure.

    Will you be heading out in 2011? If so give me a shout.

    Ride Safe
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