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    Default UK 21 year olds- Best Road Trip Possible

    I am planning to road trip across America next summer with 3 friends. We have 3 weeks to a month to use up and was looking for any ideas for the best possible route to take.

    At the moment New York to LA is the best idea. However we also want to see Vegas but hear there is not much to see on a Southerly road trip.

    Also if anyone has any info on prices of cheap hotels and stuff along the way that would be useful

    Any ideas will be great- we have a year to plan.

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    No matter what route you pick in the US, there is always tons of stuff to see. The question is "what do you want to see?". Gosh, if you go to Las Vegas, you're in the heart of some of the most fantastic country in the US, in my opinion shared by many others. Heck, you'd be very near the Grand Canyon. That's definitely NOT a "not much to see" but, rather, a "must-see".

    Anyway, I would suggest that you let us know exactly what types of things you're looking forward to seeing. Knowing your interests will help us advise you better. You also might want to do some research here via the search for the forums. Many of your questions have been asked and answered elsewhere and reading those answers might help you formulate your plans better.

    You might want to get a map of the US and mark the places that you really want to see. This might start giving you an idea of what route will be best for you.

    I hope this points you toward how to put together your trip, and get ideas of where to go. Please come back and let us help you with other questions to help make this a great trip for you and your friends.

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    Hi, me and my girlfriend done a road trip last year, Atlanta down to Florida back up to New Orleans, Amazing! From Atl head to the east coast of florida, travel down the coast, stopping off at the likes of Daytona beach, Cape Canaveral, Fort Lauderdale then onto Miami. From ther down to Key West, back up through the Everglades, to Naples, Tamper bay, Clearwater, onto Tallahasse, then to Biloxi and finshed off in New Orleans!!!! Seriously Amazing!! Look it up and If you need any tips then get in touch.

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    It appears that this trip was made about 5 years ago!

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    WOW my bad!!!

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