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    Default Colorado in October

    Hi there, we are from the UK and planning to travel across the States starting in Sept this year. We are planning to travel across Colorado from Grand Junction through on Highway 50 during October and wondered whether it is sensible to camp at that time of year up there? We've heard it can be very bad snows in the winter but cannot seem to find out whether this is a risk in early October - would we get across ok, and would anyone recommend camping or hoteling across Colorado at this time?

    Any help and advice would be really appreciated - we'll be driving a 4x4 so light snow should be ok, but we have no experience of major snows.


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    Default Just about perfect

    October is just about the perfect month for road tripping in North America. Nights are cooler but the days are still warm. It is possible to hit snow in the Rockies in October, but very unlikely.

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    Lorna Guest

    Default Camping in Colorado

    Thanks for that Mark.
    Can anyone recommend some decent campgrounds along the US-50 route through Colorado that would be worth checking out? I'm interested in taking a look at the Royal Gorge just south of Canon City - has anyone been to see this and is it worth a trip?

    Many thanks,

  4. Default Royal Gorge, campgrounds and Black Canyon

    A friend of mine was there this past weekend and he really enjoyed it -- said he rode a train there.

    There are some campgrounds along US50 and the Blue Mesa reservoir near Gunnison which is spectacular wide open country, also a private campground at Cimmarron (great setting!) that was really nice. He had little cabins also. Ask him about the drive south to Ridgeway (the back road, it is on the maps, Cimmarron to Ridgeway). The movie True Grit was filmed in that area and the scenery is breathtaking (like much of Colorado). Also, NE of Gunnison, there's a quiet campground (no trees) overlooking the Taylor Park reservoir near the junction of CR742 and CR55. There are other camps in that area as well, and lots of back road drives including some suitable only for 4WD.

    Be sure to save time for a visit to Black Canyon National Park. Unlike the Grand Canyon, the Kolb brothers were unable to boat it -- and Gen. William Jackson Palmer couldn't build a railroad line through it either. It's awesome! Bob

  5. Default co in oct

    Great time to go. I have been through that area in Nov. with no problem. Of course you can always catch a storm passing through but I doubt it in Oct. Go to Colorado State Parks website to look for a camp spot. They have a wonderful website and some great parks. Try to spend one night in a yurt at a state park. They are awesome and cheap. Ridgeway has 3 great ones with deer everywhere.

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    Tommy, it appears that this trip was done in 2005.

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    Default Better late than never !

    Hi tommys60 and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Thanks for your input into the forums, although it may be to late for the original poster it will help others.

    Enjoy the forums!

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    Absolutly better late than never. I just joined TGAR after reading some of these posts. I was looking for information on Colorado in October and here I am. I've never been up in the Rockies later than mid-September. (I dont ski) I'm wanting to do some flyfishing when the Aspen are at peak autumn color. I'm deciding on one of two rivers, the Roaring Fork above Aspen or the Poudre west of Fort Collins. Any suggestions on the perfect time???

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    Default Early Oct ?

    Hi Bill, welcome to the RTA forums !

    I'm not sure there is a "perfect time" for either fish or fall colours as the seasons and weather are quite unpredictable and it will vary throughout Colorado but I am there at the end of Sept/ early Oct and that is supposed to be near the middle to late part of a "normal" fall season. This site has some info and nice pics but as for the fish, I haven't a clue !


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