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    Default Quebec-Wyoming : first week of May


    I'm planning a "not-so-sure-yet"-roadtrip to Wyoming on the first week of May. I've already been in that area, I crossed the border in Detroit and used I-80 and US26. Now, I was thinking of crossing the border further west, maybe Sault Ste. Marie or Thunder Bay. I've never been through Wisconsin, Minnesota, ND and SD so I thought it would be an interesting opportunity to go through these States. I don't like interstates, I prefer scenic roads and small towns.

    I absolutely want to hit Badlands NP on the way, but I am open to any suggestions of back roads, hiking trails, attractions that involves sceneries, history, interesting cities, music, museums, general stores, typical restaurants, places to stay overnight (I plan to sleep in my car or in cheap motel rooms along the way)... I want to stay as far as possible from shopping centers and tourist traps except if it's worth it. I am also curious about the weather in the MidWest at that time of the year.



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    Default all good choices

    I made the trip from Minnesota to Montreal via Sault Ste. Marie, a few years ago and its a very senic trip.

    If you go that way, I would give a very high recommendation to Samuel de Champlain Prov. Park in Ontario. We camped there one night, and I remember it being about a day drive from Montreal. Its got some good hiking and camping facilities are among the best I've been at.

    If you do come across at Sault St. Marie, you should head down to Macinaw Island, check out the bridge and the island. Its a very pretty area, but I've never actually taken the ferry to the island (no cars allowed).

    You couldn't go wrong with driving over to Thunder Bay either. The trip along Lake Superior from Canada to Duluth is one of the best senic drives in the Midwest.

    In terms of the weather, Early May is so unpredicable in the midwest. It can easily be 85 degrees and sunny, but it can just as easily snow (we got 2 inches in may last year here in Madison). I'd say take the average and plan for 50's-60's, with it being down into the 40's for most of your trip along the great lakes.

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    Default Hot Springs

    Does anyone know about hot springs along the way? If possible, could you just give me an idea of how much it would cost just to soak in there for an hour or two?


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