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    Matt Wiggall (Don't laugh) Guest

    Default Brit in serious first time trouble

    I know this is a very open ended question but I am a complete novice calling on everyones experiance and guidance.

    I am trying to plan a roadtrip for two in North America, however I am having little luck finding out what places are really like (brochures always lie). I am looking for the "real" america. You know these films with endless roads in the rockey deserts, cb radios and no turn offs for miles, and when you find one you stop for gas and find adventure, great people, old gas stations and cafes (like that old Levi's ad - remember?) We want to spend 2 to 3 weeks completely unguided (to the travel agents disgust) travelling at our own pace and stoppin when and where we like and for however long we like, finding things as apparently by accident as possible. We don't want to be trapped ina schedule but do need flights home - I don't wanna have to get a job to get more tickets. We want to try and stay in motels like you see in the roadtrip movies - much as I hate to say it and eat in real trucker/traveller cafes. My ideal is almost unimaginable I know. I have no idea where to start but I am going to be flying in and then, well, I hope you can help. Anything to do with places, routes or any other suggestions would be a big help.

    We will also need to buy a car (probably cheaper than renting???) and fill it up with gas, etc. I have no idea how much money I need so any input for the cost of what I am talking about would be great. I'm not looking for 5 star, just a bed, shower and MAYBE a tv. (National Parks are good too.) Any suggestions on a real american roadtrip car? I'm thinking a '70's 2 door american thing (I'm british) or a convertable - but either way it must be used and cheap as hell but worthy of a few miles.

    Thanks so much for any help or advise, you have no idea how much I appreciate it. (And I'm not just a tourist but a first time retarded traveller)

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    Default Your fantasy road trip can be real

    Much of the road trip experience you have imagined still exists, but you may have to view current reality through rose-colored glasses.

    For starters, you should pick up a fellow Brit's book "Drive USA" He has plenty of tips that will make sense to you, (if not to Americans). For some other ideas check out

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    Matt Wiggall (Don't laugh) Guest

    Default Many Thanks

    I just wanted to thank you for your encouragement and advise, it does help alot. I know I probably sound like I am not trying but for this sort of trip (away from the travel agent sharks) there is little help here and figuring out the money is the hardest part

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    Bryan Guest

    Default The "real" america

    A fair warning, since your idea of real american seems to be truck stops in the middle of nowhere, America is much less homogenous than canada and other countries (read Fire and Ice: The United States, Canada and the Myth of Inevitability). Therefore, the type of america you will experience out in rural parts will differ greatly from the cites. Not to mention the south differing from the north and east and midwest and west with many more regional variations. I encourage you to explore cities as well. Perhaps these usually don't enter into the equation since the are so big and you feel anonymous. But let me tell you that you can also find those same pubs and diners that exist out in the desert also in the cities. just grab an "off the beaten path" guide book for the city.

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    Default Great Point

    Yes, good point.

    One of our favorite guide book series was originally produced by Richard Saul Wurman (the "Access" series). What makes those books so good, is that they are written from a human walking perspective. Some of the discoveries can only be found at eye level. For more information:


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    zia Guest

    Default New Mexico

    My boyfriend and I felt we "discovered america" in New Mexico during our two week roadtrip of the west. We basically did what you described. In the morning we took out the map and decided where we wanted to go, and changed routes whenever something seemed more exciting. No doubt though, try the JEMEZ TRAIL in northwest new mexico. Its north of Albuquerque, i don't remember exactly what highways we took, but look it up, you will absolutely NOT be disappointed. Oh, and go to Chaco Cultural Center-basically, pueblo ruins in the middle of Nowhere. It was spiritual and absolutely breathtaking. Anyways, thats my suggestion. Its how we found america.

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    Default New Mexico really is an enchanted land!

    'Way to go. Mosey rules and we love that you let each day find its own direction!

    New Mexico has always been full of special places for us. One of the most spirtual places we visited was the Angel Fire DAV memorial near Eagle Nest (on US-64 NE of Taos).

    Another truly awesome experience can be found at Bosque del Apache, near Socorro during the winter flyover:

    Thanks for sharing your discoveries!


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    Default Go for it


    Go for it and have your holiday. If you fancy it now, you'll love it when you go. I'm a Brit and took the plunge on going solo (i.e. away from travel agents) in 1990 and have never stopped planning the next trip since. When money allows I'm off into the wide open spaces of the USA. I'll happily discuss practical issues of planning your trip from the UK if you wish.


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    BOB Guest

    Default Trip Planning

    Suggest that you take the time to read your way through the web site listed below. Be sure to look at the pictures. You may get a better idea of what you may wish to see (or avoid) Bill and Barbara Windsor have been on a continious trip around the United States visiting all fifty states. They have been on this herculean task since 1 April 2003 today 11/8/03 is their 133 day. If you read carefully you may find us mentioned. Hope you have a pleasant and positive travel experience. If we can be of more help feel free to write.


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    Default Bill & Barbara


    Bill and Barbara's trip is also featured on the page. I missed the reference to your roadtrip (?) Where are you and what are you doing now?


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