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    Marra Bennett Guest

    Default Cross Country to Burning Man

    Alright it is only around a hundred days till Burning Man festival and I am already stoked. Anyone else making a cross country venture to get there? For those who don't know Burning Man is a two week long festival in the Black Rock desert of Nevada, think Mardi Gras in the middle of nowhere. I'm heading out of Florida with plenty time to spare while winding my way there meeting and picking up friends as I go. Just interested to know if anyone here is attending.

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    Default You sure do get around!

    Marra, Have enjoyed your occasional postings here -- The Black Rock Desert is one of our all-time favorite places on earth. Really remarkable hot springs surround the playa. I am not very fond of the Festival -- not my thing, but many folks really like it. It is possible my niece will attend this year. I will have her look you up.

    Mark (RTA)

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    J Guest


    I'm from England and saw TV programme on Burning man recently. Looked like fun. I am going to be in the US for 3 months as of end June. What date is the festival starting??

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    Default Hey! Where is your report?

    Greetings Marra, It has been a whole week since Burning Man and we haven't heard from you. We want the dirt, er -- muddy details.



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