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    John Campbell Guest

    Default iMac to the Internet?

    I like your site and intend to add to and use it's resources often, that is
    if you can tell me the most economical way to hook my on board I mac to the
    internet nationwide. my fiance' and i have saved some money and are finally
    going through with our dream of seeing every state in our country.I want to
    e-mail and get content from the web.


    1. what is the cheapest and best cell phone for dash boarding?

    RW: The least inexpensive solution for e-mail, is still PocketMail. Check out Terry's posting from Osaka.

    RW: It would be wonderful if one could answer this question outright. But, things are a tad bit more complicated. So I have some questions for you:

    RW: Where are you going? How often do you want access to short messages and/or e-mail and/or internet content? When you say internet -- are speaking of graphical rich websites or stock quotes or timely traffic information or????

    >What connectors do i need[I have usb, reg. phone line, firewire, and t-1
    outlets built in.]

    RW: Are you an engineer or someone that can build their own equipment? There are many turnkey systems for accessing the internet but all are in various stages of delivery (from vaporware to 344K data transfers

    >I have airport which is local wireless[like a cordless phone, has 150 feet
    range] it's built in , is there a way to utilize this for dashboarding?

    RW: Sure, by using one of the interfaces, like the S1936D for analog or the newer AirStar-100 digital interface that has been developed for use with the Motorola StarTAC phones you could simply plug in the handset. In the Phoenix One, we prefer to use Bell Atlantic desk handsets instead of cellular handsets, because of their ease of use and configuration. There are other devices that may work.


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    John Campbell Guest

    Default finally! I get back to you

    Q1 ANSWER]
    I will need to access the internet up to three times a week, i will need to up load pic's and if possible video to my website[still being constructed ]from remote locations.I am creating the website to keep my freinds and family informed of my trip. We are going to see every state in the lower 48 and alaska you know, parks and stuff,if our shoe string buget permits.
    Q2 ANSWER]
    I am not an engineer. i need a turnkey system.where can i purchase the s1936d or airstar-100 interface and hand set, or bell atlantic desk hand set you prefer using?or just an external wireless modem that i can power with my car battery? Also , is there wireless isp dial ups that are free?, like free i net? or bluelight? If not who do you use and are they reasonablly priced?thank you

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    Default There is nothing inexpensive about this

    Road Greetings John,

    To do what you are speaking about in a wireless mode, will require a minimum budget of $2650 per month. What is your budget? Perhaps I can give you some alternative solutions.


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    John Campbell Guest


    Ouch! I'm afraid to admit that that is not only exceding my monthly buget, but it is quit probably my entire monetary net worth!! Yes! I would really apriciate any lower priced alternatives.AND shuold I just come back to earth and do something like pocket mail what is required. The truth is , unless i happen across a big bag of gold, i'm looking at more like 100.00 amonth for a wireless buget. I be eagerly awaiting your solutions. Do you do miracles?? I'll pray just in case.. Thank you, John

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    Default On a roll for $100/mo

    Road Greetings John,

    Don't worry about admitting what still seems a VERY reasonable expectation about wireless service costs. OK, Pocketmail remains the most reasonable way to obtain e-mail, a budget of $100 per month for wireless is 100% attainable as long as you use it for voice and rarely, if ever, use it to reach the web.

    You can still update your website, by using the resources of wirelines at truckstops and Kinkos and libraries, etc. If you were going to remain in the digital footprints of the major networks, you could probably reach the web and use it to FTP at speeds nearing 20K (using CDPD) but you could only expect to log-on once or twice a month.

    Tell me again, where you are going and what file size and type you want to upload.



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