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    Starting in Portland OR ending at Baltimore MD. I want to take a leisurely trip stopping at animal sanctuaries along the way. I don't have a time frame. Maybe 3 weeks. One stop is NM to visit a friend. Again no time limit.
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    This idea popped in my head. I have driven across country about 9 times. I'm not concerned about the driving, I am a bit concerned about being a single woman, me, and safety. My first stop is a ferret rescue then a big cat rescue ranch. I don't have it all mapped out yet but I'm working on it. Straight or zigzag are fine

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    Welcome to RTA! Sounds like an interesting trip! We have one such animal rescue place in San Diego County -- out in Alpine, east of the city. I admit to not knowing much about it, though, except that it's there.

    As far as single women and safety, there are a lot of solo women travelers out there. One is a regular on these forums, and I'm sure she'll chime in with some tips. I occasionally travel solo, but normally no more than 375 miles, about a 7 hour trip for me. I'm careful what rest areas I stop at, and stop for meals at a populated place where I can "blend in".

    I'm not sure what other information you're looking for, but feel free to ask specific questions.


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    Certainly there's absolutely nothing wrong (and plenty right) with taking a full three weeks to transit the country. And stopping at anima rescue centers to check them out or even to help out is a worthwhile pursuit. To that end, you're probably already aware of many of the organizations in the field, more so than I am certainly, but also note that the Humane Society maintains a list of state agencies that can provide more information about wild animal rescue groups in their respective states. While you're at it you might also want to check out some animals that don't need rescuing, and for that the network of National Wildlife Refuges should rate at least a few stops on your journey.

    As far as safety as a single female traveler goes, we have had several such regular contributors here over the years and they all report pretty much the same thing, Travel is as safe as being out and about at home, and the same rules apply. Your own sense of 'normal' is your best defense. If something feels wrong or causes you worry, move on. Otherwise, relax and enjoy your surroundings. Remember, any criminal element looking for a quick score or an easy victim is not going to waste the time and effort to go to a rescue center or wildlife refuge.


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    I found so many websites that list rescue places by state. I posted the trip on Facebook. A friend from high school runs a ranch in Nevada. Serendipity. One stop will be in NM. I've been invited by a friend to stay with him. At the moment he's living with the Hopi Nation. He'll be joining me for the rest of the trip. I'm jumping out of my skin I'm so excited.

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    Default Solo travelling as a female.

    As a solo long distance traveller, I have to admit that rarely have I felt uncomfortable or scared. At those times I just moved on to another location.

    You may like to make a habit of asking to see the hotel/motel room before you commit. They have to let you. While you are at it, be sure to check that the smoke alarm has not been disabled. And make sure the door has a lock which cannot be opened from the outside, such as the chain or bolt lock.

    For the rest, just follow the advice already given, you'll have a great trip.


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