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    Default Six Flags Arlington

    I am flying into Dallas from Sydney in July 2017 and was expecting to stay for 3 days but looking at the map I have seen this Six Flags park. We have been to both Disney's in the USA and I want to convince my wife that staying another day to visit the park would be worthwhile. She thinks that it will be the school hols at that time and the park will be packed with long queues everywhere. Any suggestions on if it is worth it and is it school hols in Texas?

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    Default School's out for the summer!

    I couldn't tell you if it's "worth it" because my feelings on roller coaster parks are probably different from other people's, and I haven't been to that particular Six Flags. However, your wife is correct that July means school's out. The vast majority of schools in America are out then, even the ones that go "year-round". (There has to be a time when the schools get maintained.)


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    Default Sorry, But...

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Full disclosure: I am not a fan of crowds. That's one of the reasons I like RoadTripping. It let's me go where/when I want and at my own pace, far from the madding crowds.

    That being said, I'm on your wife's side on this one. I checked a crowd tracking website I use and the entire month of July (2016) was rated either "Yup, It's Packed" or "Forget About It". Not really surprising since not only is it summer break (most American schools are out of session for the months of June, July and August) but Six Flags Arlington is in a major metropolitan area (Dallas/Fort Worth). Also, the typical daily high temperature will be around 95║F (35║C) which will make standing in line very uncomfortable.

    EDIT: Note that the crowd ratings cited above are specifically for Six Flags Arlington.

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    Default Counter point

    The reality is that July is essentially the busiest month of the year for anything tourist related. It is the only month where pretty much everyone is out of school - as some places stay in class though much of June while others start returning to class as soon as early August.

    But having said that, adults still have to work and still have limited vacation time, so if you go to a place like a Six Flags, the crowds usually aren't too terrible on weekday, especially Tuesdays and Wednesday. Six Flags tends to draw their customers from a more regional area (in this case Texas and Oklahoma) so they tend to be much busier on weekends, compared to say Disney which is drawing people from around the world building their entire trip around going to that destination.

    Now, I haven't been to that specific Six Flags, although I have been to Arlington in July, and Bucks point about the heat is real, but that had been my experience at other six flags and similar parks around the country.

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