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  1. Default Yosemite and Sequoia in April 2017

    Hi RTA! Please help!

    My boyfriend and I are from the UK and are currently planning our California RT next year from 3rd April. We will be hiring a 25ft RV for 14 days starting in San Fransisco.

    Our plan currently is Days 1-4 in SF (without the RV)
    Day 4 pick up RV and drive to Yosemite NP for 2/3 nights
    Day 7 drive to Sequoia- this is where I'm getting stuck as a lot of the sites say that the park is inaccessible this time of year for bigger vehicles, yet their shuttle busses only run from mid May! We really want to see the Giant forest, is there anyway of getting here at this time of year/ would it be too difficult?

    Day 9 to LA for 3 nights
    Day 12 Santa Monica
    Days 13-16 costal drive back up to SF stopping at Santa Barbara, Santa Maria and Monterey.

    Second question: is this route do-able? i.e. do we get enough time in each place so that we are not rushing around/ just driving all the time?

    Another option we were thinking of was 10 days of RV hire from SF to YNP then San Jose, down the coast to LA (missing out Sequoia) and 2 hotel nights in LA, flying home from there. This is obviously the cheaper option and A LOT LESS driving!

    Any help on this would be great!
    Thank you!
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    Default Coast first.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I would recommend you do your loop, but in reverse order so that you are heading south down the coast with the ocean on your side of the road and then finish up in Yosemite before heading back to SF. Heading south along the coast it will save you having to cross traffic to get to the Oceanside scenic viewpoints and it may warm up a bit in the mountains by middle April.

    You can get to the Giants forest from the north entrance to the park, [weather permitting] it is south of the Giants forest that has length restrictions although it is only an advisory for vehicles up to 22ft unless the status changes due to road works etc. It is a windy mountainous road but I have travelled it in a 30ft RV without problems. Visit the National park webpage for updates on road restrictions and conditions just before and during travel. The High ground in both parks will still be off limits due to winter snow accumulation but it can be a great time to visit, especially in Yosemite valley where the waterfalls will be flowing.

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    Default An alternative.

    There is a grove of giant trees in Yosemite National Park, should the giant trees in Seqouia NP not be accessible during your visit. This area of Yosemite has been closed for some time for restoration, but is due to open again next year.

    Something to consider.


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    Mariposa Grove in Yosemite is slated for opening by SUMMER 2017 -- may not be open in April. It is an improvement project.


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    Thanks for help!
    We've booked to do the loop and will and pick our van on the 6th April after 3 nights in San Fransisco.

    Think we will do as you suggested Dave and head down the Coast first. Any recommended RV parks/ must see stop offs?

    And yeah the Sequoia trees in Yosemite are mostly off limits until after we leave, thats why we planned on going the Sequoia NP.

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    I haven't stopped in RV parks along that stretch of coast but I would recommend staying in the National parks campgrounds. The 'Pines' campgrounds in Yosemite are located in woods right in the heart of the valley and is where I would stay. If you were travelling from Sequoia and arriving later in the day you could stop over in Oakhurst at the High Sierra RV park. It's not the greatest by a long way but it is convenient to break the journey depending on timing. Lodgepole campground is popular in Sequoia and close to the Giants forest, if there are places available. If you went through the south entrance and drove the twisty Generals highway and you were arriving late in the day, there is a campground in Three rivers called Hideaway RV park. It's same as above, pretty basic but in a good spot to overnight depending on timing.

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