Hey Guys,

My name is Aaron and my wife and I are about to embark on the biggest road trip we've taken to date. About 3 months ago we learned that my job was moving to central PA and we were't eager to move with it. So instead we started to do some planning... with the advanced notice we had, and a few other lucky breaks in our lives we are able to take some time off and go see what there is to be seen...

Our first trip is from Nashville, TN where we live, to Vancouver, CAN where my uncle lives... Then down through the PNW and back across the country through Salt Lake, and Colorado Springs and back home... Here's our itinerary:

Day 1—August 8: Nashville to Kansas City, 8.5hr

Day 2—August 9: Kansas City to Sioux Falls, SD, 6 hrs

- visit Sertoma Butterfly House
- buy fresh groceries

Day 3—August 10: Sioux Falls to Rapid City, SD, 7 hrs scenic route

- Drive through Badlands National Park off of I90 near Wall, SD
- Visit Mount Rushmore
- Drive through Loop Road, Iron Mountain Road
- Camp overnight Custer State Park

- Blue Bell campground

Day 4—August 11: Rapid City, MD to Bozeman MT, 7 hrs

- Visit Diamond Lake
- Camp @ Fairy Lake Campground

- 45.906° N, 110.961° W
- Staying with Friends

Day 5—August 12: Bozeman to Spokane, 7hr 40m

- Camping at Steamboat Rock State Park - Spot 301

Day 6—August 13: Seattle to Vancouver, 6hr

Day 7-10—August 13-17

Depart the 17th for Seattle

Day 12—August 18: Seattle

  • charter boat

Day 13—August 19: Seattle to Portland, 6 hrs (scenic route on the coast)

Day 14—August 20: Portland

  • Orn Hansen
  • Hilary Boles (Tanner Ann)

Day 15—August 21: Portland to (Wallowa-Whitman National Forest) Boise

  • Kirkham Campgrounds and Hot Springs

Day 16—August 22: Boise to Salt Lake City

  • Stay with friends

Day 17—August 23: Salt Lake to Colorado Springs

  • Stay with family

Day 18—August 24: Colorado Springs

Day 19—August 25: Colorado Springs to Kansas City

  • Couchsurf

Day 20—August 26 : Kansas City to Nashville 8.5 hrs

By our schedule we have a couple extra days in case we need some time somewhere... we only have a couple firm reservations for campsites...

The ultimate goal of this trip is for us to visit some places we potentially would want to move to... specifically the PNW, we're hoping we can spend a couple nights with some friends/locals and get a feel for wether we want to revisit that city or not...

Anyway... I think that's mostly it, whatcha think!?!