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    Hello everybody! Im planning to travel next year to USA with some friends to enjoy a 15 days road trip. I was looking for some advices since we really dont know where to start planning. Any tips will be of great help. I will sumarize a bit:

    - We have 15 days
    - We want to end the trip in VEGAS or LA (but visiting both)
    - We would like to do 2 days of pure driving on historical routes
    - Then dedicate some days to national parks, rafting, theme parks, nice attractions
    - Also visit some bizarre atractions if possible
    - End to end, we dont want to stay too much time at driving.

    Thanks you all!


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Right now, you just aren't far enough along in your planning for others to provide much in the way of useful, specific advice. There are just far too many options, and you have to take the first step of narrowing things down.

    There are a lot of resources on this site to help you do that. Start by clicking on the "how to use this site" link above. Also spend more time browsing the forum looking at other people's ideas - here are some threads to get you started. Also spend some quality time looking at maps, so you have a visual idea of your options.

    Once you have more of a framework, and have some more specific questions, others will be in a much better position to give you specific ideas.

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    As you continue with your research, consider doing a loop trip starting and ending in the same city. Quite often it's cheaper airfares and car rentals and can save going back and forth. An example would be LA to Joshua Tree NP, parts of historic route 66 to Grand canyon NP to Las Vegas, through Yosemite via Death valley to San Francisco and then complete the loop by taking the scenic coast road back to LA. That is one idea of many that most wouldn't think of as too much driving , but as Michael mentioned, you really need to research your options before we can help put it together.

    Note that some passes across the Sierra Nevada [Tioga Pass into Yosemite for example] may be closed when you travel. They usually open between mid-May and end of June depending on winter snow pack.
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    Thanks a lot for your help, actually I never though about that and could work very well...

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