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  1. Default Los Angeles to Miami in 14 days with stops along the way. Can it be done?

    Hello, just joined the group. Im excited to take this trip from Los Angeles to Miami. (If Possible) any advice? Im planning on making stops along the way in New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, and finally in Florida. Im planning on taking the 40 East, and possibly on the way back as well. All opinions are welcomed. Thanks in Advance!

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    Welcome to RTA!

    You should probably know up front, that you need 5 days to travel this, as it is around 2750 miles. That's just on the way out. You'd need the same to come back, meaning 10 of your days are for travel. Your "stops" will be extra time, depending on what you had in mind. How long did you intend to stay in Miami?

    My husband and I drove from SoCal to Orlando. We did it in 5 days, and 3 of them were very long days.


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    Default To Keep in Mind as You Plan

    Along with Donna's notes about the time required for the drives, both out and back, as you plan you should keep two other things in the forefront early on. The first is that, in order to make the most of your journey, you should plan on taking two completely different routes for the two legs. There is no single 'best' route and taking two means that you're always covering, and exploring, new ground. I'd look at I-10 one way and something like I-40/US-78/US-280/GA-620/US-82/I-75 through Memphis TN, Birmingham AL, and Columbus GA the other way. The second is that 550 mile is considered a very good day on multi-day marathons such as your two drives. That still allows for a few short R&R breaks each day, but not much else. If you plan to stop anywhere for an hour or more you'll need to adjust your mileage goal for the day downwards accordingly. Once you've got a basic outline that works for you as far as timing and major stops (Grand Canyon, Alamo, Graceland, New Orleans, whatever, we can help you fill in some details.


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