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    Can anyone recommend the best route from Atlanta to Portland that does not consist of a lot of mountains?

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    Default realities of cross country travel

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    It is impossible to drive across the US without dealing with some degree of mountains, however, on the interstate system, mountains really shouldn't be much of a problem - so what is your concern specifically about mountains?

    Probably the best bet would be to head up through Nashville and St. Louis to Kansas City, then up I-29 to Sioux Falls, and I-90 across to Washington, before dipping back down into Oregon via US-395/I-84. That's not immune to mountains, but keeps you at a lower elevation than most other cross-country routes.

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    Thanks for your response Michael! We made it to Portland and much to my displeasure it seemed that most of the trip was through the mountains. My problem with mountains is I do not like heights and get very nervous driving through steep inclines. We are considering going back through California to stop and see relatives in Orange County and also in Arizona on the way home. Can you recommend a route that has the least amount of mountains?

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    Probably your least objectionable route out of Orange County will be to get up to I-10 and take that straight across to I-20 and points east. (I don't have my map with me right now.)

    Let's face it, though -- mountains are there. You either have to fly over them or go through them, as going around them isn't always feasible. Even I-10 will take you over a couple of passes. Interstates HAVE to have guardrails and give you notice about downgrades (6% downgrade next XX miles, trucks use lower gears), climbs are usually evident by the addition of a third "climbing lane" or "truck lane".


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    The only way you'll be able to avoid some mountains is if you follow the coast all the way from Oregon down to Orange County. However, This route will take you at least twice as long as using I-5. I-5 has a few mountain ranges through Oregon, Northern California, and then again as you approach Los Angeles.

    Going east, I-10/I-20 as Donna mentioned will be your best bet, but they will also have some mountains. You really can't avoid them on a cross country trip.

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