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    Hello there! My name is Ernesto Panatt, I'm writing from Chile, south america.
    Me and my family are planning to travel between Miami to California and then come back to Miami in 5 weeks (between July 15 and August 20).
    We are wondering which cities, states, parks and campings to visit in our tour, and also which do not go.
    We love natural spaces, beaches, and a little bit of cities but not too much.
    I know this is a pretty wide question, but hope you guys can guide us a little bit!
    We already bought an RV that now its in a storage in Miami, and then we have to come back with it to ship it to Chile.
    Hope you guys can give us a little advice and recomend us some of the places that we should and those we dont have to visit.
    Also and very important is that we have experience with RV roadtrips, we've been using RVs in Chile for years now, and last year we went to the US for a month to travel with our RV.
    Bye bye!
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    Welcome to RTA!

    Did you save any maps or an atlas, from your previous trips? There is so much to see and do, and places to camp, between Miami and California (where?). Along the extreme southern route, you could catch many Gulf of Mexico beaches, New Orleans, Carlsbad Caverns National Park, Big Bend National Park, Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Saguaro National Park, and so much more. A little further north, Grand Canyon National Park (often on people's bucket lists). These are just a few -- there is so very much more.


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    Honestly, asking us what cities, parks, etc to visit on a trip that goes from coast to coast is just too broad of a question for anyone to answer. There a millions of places you could go, and until you've taken the first step to figure out a few of your own must sees, it's not really possible for anyone else to start narrowing down the possibilities without just guessing at what you might be interested in.

    Having said that, if you plan to ship the RV to Chile when you are done, why are you going all the way back to Miami at the end of your trip? It would seem a whole lot cheaper, easier, and faster to ship it back from a west coast port, like Los Angeles.

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    Considering that Chile is on the western side of South America, I would agree with Michael -- ship from LA!


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    Lots to see in Florida. With your RV in Miami, are you done sightseeing Florida?

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