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    Hello we are possibly moving to Florida by the end of the year, I was wondering if You can drive from Omaha Ne to Florida and avoid any mountains. I know its a strange question but I don't do well driving through the mountains

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    Yes, it's quite possible to drive from Omaha to Naples without seeing any mountains whatsoever. There will be a price to pay, however. You'll need to drive about 150 miles more and some of that will be on non-Interstate highways. That's just enough that you'll need to spend another night on the road. There are several ways to do this, but the way I'd suggest is to first get to St. Louis via I-29/I-70 and then take I-55 south to Jackson MS. From there take US-49 to Hattiesburg and then US-98 to Mobile AL and I-10. That and I-75 will take you the rest of the way to Naples.

    As I pointed out, you'll need a bit over three days to make the drive by this route. Where you'd stop for those overnights depends on how many miles a day you are actually comfortable driving. I will note that if you take the direct all-Interstate route, and you are comfortable driving 550 miles a day, you could make the drive in three full days. I will also note that Interstates are constructed to standards that limit both the grade (steepness) and curvature of the roadbed, and they include extra climbing lanes for trucks and other slow traffic where they are going uphill. If it weren't for the scenery, most people would barely notice that such roads were actually in the mountains. Still you are not alone in wanting to avoid such conditions, so have a look at the alternate route I suggested and see if it fits your idea of a fun drive a bit better.



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